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Story Family Institute, LLC

How is it that the giant redwood can grow to such heights?

It is not the individual root system of each tree, but rather the interdependence of the roots of many generations, from old growth to the newest seedlings, that supports the family of trees as they reach the sky.

The Story Family Institute has created a multi-year process  for our clients and their adult children to initiate purposeful conversations around defining, purposing, and perpetuating family wealth in a manner that is least likely to produce the sense of entitlement and demotivation in the next generation of inheritors that is so feared by the current wealth-holding generation. The answer to creating the “Optimal Inheritance Environment and Experience” lies in structured, purposeful communication, NOT in denial or silence, which is the prevailing paradigm in Western Culture. 

 The Story Family Institute uses an array of technology, family meetings, lifetime learning experiences, education, and a multitude of talent from professionals inside and outside of our company, to prepare the current and next generation for optimal stewardship of the entire family experience, beyond the money. 

Story clients have a few things in common:

They have inherited or are creating Family Enterprise Wealth which is a surplus of wealth beyond what is needed to maintain the financial independence of the current generation. Most clients fall into one of two sub-categories:

  •   They are first-time wealth creators in their family and they have no frame of reference on how their wealth might impact their children and this is a source of great anxiety.
  • They are current inheritors of past wealth, but knowing what “happened to them,” they desire to do “something different” with their children than what was, or in most cases was not, done for them.

The Power of Utilizing Both Story Capital & Story Family Institute

Story Capital’s tagline is Strength Along Your Journey.” The team at Story Capital is dedicated to adding this “strength,” across multiple generations, by collaborating with clients about issues primarily focused on empowering a family’s financially-focused vision. Through development of robust financial modeling tools, the family’s unique vision is combined with targeted ideas developed by a wide array of professionals internal and external to the Story team, and the impact of these ideas may then be explored within the financial model before they are given a green light and implemented. Therefore, the primary focus of Story Capital is to promote clarity on the financial impact of any prospective decision on net worth maximization or sufficiency to meet the lifestyle and charitable objectives of the family. In short, Story Capital’s focus is primarily on stewardship of “The Money.”

Second generation wealth inheritors fully understand the demoralizing, and dis-empowering impact of traditional trust planning which, even today is almost universally applied by estate planning practitioners.  Take heart, there are new tools and a new way of trust planning with Story Family Institute that incorporates the ingenuity and vision of the inheriting generation so that an “Optimal Outcome” may be achieved as assets move from one generation to another. Inheritor empowerment is created through a concept known as “Personal Use and Enjoyment,” versus fostering a feeling of resentment, dependency and entitlement through the traditional “Divide, Deny, and Dump” strategy of traditional trust planning.

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