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Dividend Growth Part 1: Wouldn't it Be Nice... Thumbnail

Dividend Growth Part 1: Wouldn't it Be Nice...

Investment Management Dividend Growth

Part One of a series on Story Capital's favorite investment strategy

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By way of introduction, imagine for a moment how nice it would feel to be at peace with your stock market investments regardless of the market’s current status. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you are not “playing the market” like a Blackjack player with the latest card counting strategy? Instead, wouldn’t it be nice to know you are using an operationally sound strategy with the following characteristics:

  1. Proven. Warren Buffett has successfully invested tens of billions of dollars in this strategy across many decades
  2. Repeatable. The “catch” is that this strategy requires a long-term view not a Las Vegas, get rich quick view.
  3. Transparent. Easy to understand and to articulate.
  4. Mathematically Charged. The strategy is powered by compound growth which Einstein is purported to have called the 8th wonder of the world.
  5. Enticing. The strategy becomes more valued for the increasing, tax-advantaged cash-flow it generates than for the underlying value of the investment itself; hence, the strategy creates enduring and transferable value across generations within the investor’s family.

We help interested clients create a portfolio that becomes like a cash-flow-generating machine whose income is inflation-hedged and currently, profoundly tax-advantaged. Operationally, the income can be reinvested within the strategy when income is not needed, yet, like a spigot, the income can be “turned on” as personal cash-flow whenever it is desired. 

We also demonstrate for our clients that the natural volatility of the stock market helps to supercharge this strategy with the creation of more cash-flow over time and at an increasing pace. In fact, when external economic conditions temporarily depress the value of your investment, we believe your first and most immediate desire will be to get more of the asset instead of panic selling and running to cash like most of the lemmings in the market. We help our clients discover that market volatility is something to cheer, not fear.

Imagine this: fearless investing – wouldn’t that be nice?

Please stay tuned to future blog posts to learn more about this powerful strategy known as Dividend Growth Investing; not to be confused with a mere Diversified Dividend or Yield approach.  While Warren Buffett didn’t invent this strategy, he has certainly shown a bright light on it with investments such as Coke. We will demonstrate in detail what makes this a duplicatable and powerful strategy for any client with the desire for the benefits enumerated above. 

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